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Corporate Client Services

IFS is dedicated to assist you and your company with your projects and corporate administration needs. Benefit from our extensive knowledge, backed up by solid industry experience and combined with proven solutions.


We specialize in providing management, administrative-, corporate, secretarial, and fiduciary- services. IFS can setup, maintain and manage the vehicle(s) in your structure, being a company a partnership a trust or a (private) foundation.


Our dedicated team will handle the day-to-day requirements of your entity, and with our combined years of experience we will ensure that all tasks get accomplished while adhering to the highest standards for professional services and always with a personalized approach. An approach and service level that can be expected from a boutique management company.


Services also include:

  • Establishment of corporate entities

  • Domiciliation, management, administration and secretarial services

    • Maintain company’s shareholders registry and minute books

    • Arrange for mandatory annual statutory filings with company registries (excluding tax returns)

    • Prepare minutes and documents for AGM, Board, Committee, EGM meetings

    • Charting of annual compliance deadlines and updating changes in local legislation and regulations

    • Prepare and file documents for changing directors, general managers, officers, signatories and registered address

    • Prepare and file Powers of Attorney/Proxy

    • Prepare and file selected documents for auditors

    • Prepare documents for share-related transactions

    • Prepare Board and / or shareholders resolutions

    • Assist with amendments to Articles of Association

    • Prepare and file FATCA and CRS forms

  • Corporate management including fund directorship

  • Providing one or more (personal) directors

  • Tax Compliance services

  • Financial and Legal Support

  • Substance services

  • Migration services

  • Dissolutions services

  • IP registration services

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