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A  Boutique Management Company

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A  Boutique Management Company

Our services

We are focused on building strong and long-term relationships with a personal approach. Our services range from:

Private Client Services
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Estate & Succession Planning
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Corporate Client Services
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Accounting, Financial and Legal Corporate Services
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FATCA and CRS Services

IFS is dedicated to assist you and your company with your projects and corporate administration needs. 

Families have their own particular needs, which demand a personalized approach to maximize the outcome

New market realities FATCA & CRS in an ever evolving global regulatory landscape

Now its time to implement and safeguard an orderly transfer of assets to the next generation!

Do not see it as cost, but rather as an insurance policy

Our Management Team

Our team
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"Now is the time to implement and safeguard an orderly transfer of assets to the next generation."

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Office:            Zuikertuintjeweg z/n
                       (Zuikertuintje Tower)



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Mr. Jair Almeida Toussaint LL.M

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Mr. Glenn Rellum LL.M

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